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Iron Street Printing Terms and Conditions


A deposit is required on all orders placed. The deposit is at least 50% of the total cost. The remaining balance must be paid in full before the order can be shipped or picked up by the customer. Payments can be made by Credit / Debit card, Paypal, Check, Money Order, or Cash. A $30 charge will be issued for returned checks.


All artwork files must be 300dpi or vector format. All text must be converted to outlines. We will adjust artwork print size to what we thing looks best unless customer specifies specific print dimensions. Printing can only be as good as the artwork. Iron Street Printing will not be responsible for poor quality printing due to poor artwork.

Artwork that is not “Ready to Print” may result in graphic design fees of up to 25.00 an hour with a ½ hour minimum. There is no charge for stock lettering/logo in approved format. Iron Street Printing holds the ability to add/change invoices due to additional graphic work without notice.

Custom graphic design art charges are 40.00 an hour, with free consultation of up to ½ hour. A 2-hour deposit is required to start all custom projects.


Each order includes 15 minutes of art time to prep the file for printing at no charge. The first revision is free in the event the customer makes a change. Any revision requests after the first free revision may incur a 25.00 fee per proof.


Average turnaround for most orders is 10-14 business days (Mon – Fri) plus shipping time. This turnaround time is not guaranteed. Adding Tags, Foiling, or other custom print locations will extend the turnaround time.


Iron Street Printing will do everything we can to meet any must-have date, but we cannot guarantee it. Rush fees may apply. Customer will be responsible for any expedited shipping charges associated with the order.


Iron Street Printing is not responsible for any loss, damage or shipping delays caused by the delivery carrier.


Please note that not all shirts will be sewn exactly the same by the manufacturer; dimensions for print size specified by Iron Street Printing are our professional opinion. Any dimensions outside of the range we specified as the “safe-zone” that encounters issues, results in misprints, printing over seams, or zippers Iron Street Printing will not be liable for these incidents.

NOTE: Any print that goes over a seam can result in imperfections in the print. Iron Street will not be liable for any imperfections that come from printing over seams, or graphics that extend over printable areas.


If different size screens are needed for printing the same design on youth and adult garments, then print charges will be based on separate runs. However, an imprint size can sometimes be determined to accommodate all sizes. Please call Iron Street Printing for advice on print sizes.


Goods on which printing is to be done and furnished by buyer shall be properly packed, free from dirt, grit, torn fabric or materials and of proper quality for printing requirements. Additional costs due to delays or impaired production because of improper packing or quality of goods furnished by buyer shall be charged to buyer at prevailing shop rates. Any goods supplied by buyer are at his/her risk based on differences in wash fastness and absorption qualities of fibers. Stock provided by buyer for four color process printing shall be white or light tan. Any other colors supplied by buyer shall be imprinted at buyer's risk as to color, color balance and tonal presentation.

Please note that not all garments have a surface texture and size suitable for screen printing or embroidery. Send your customer supplied garments at your own risk! Iron Street Printing will not be responsible for misprints on customer supplied garments. Iron Street Printing will gladly replace any misprinted garments that we decide are truly "misprinted" and were first purchased as blanks through Iron Street Printing.


Inconsistencies may occur in ink coverage and registration when printing over the seams, collar or any other edges. Large prints run the risk of printing over seams. These unique locations are subject to garment style & sizes for each individual order. We may be restricted in some cases, and art must be sized based on smallest garment or certain style if you are using more than one style in your order. Iron Street Printing is not responsible for these inconsistencies.


All orders including foiling or tag printing must be given an additional 4 business to the turn around.


Orders may be cancelled up until the deposit is made. Once the deposit is made, no refunds will be issued.


Iron Street Printing cannot guarantee variances in size/shades/construction of garments and merchandise. Garments may shrink slightly when exposed to heat during the ink curing process. In addition, some brands of garments tags will curl and shrink when exposed to heat. This is a risk inherent in the nature of the materials when exposed to heat that Iron Street Printing cannot take responsibility for or control.


Iron Street Printing has the right to change pricing without notice.

Example: John Doe contacts Iron Street Printing for a quote on Monday. On Tuesday, Iron Street Printing changes their pricing due to rising cotton prices. Later that day John Doe places an order, but the pricing on his invoice reflects the current pricing from Iron Street Printing.


Iron Street Printing will not be responsible for misprints up to 5% per design.


Discharge inks will only work on 100% cotton material. An exact PMS match is not possible and the imprint color will vary based on the color shirt and dye lot.


Polyester and Nylon items can be a struggle to print on depending on the brand or the way they were dyed. The reason polyester or nylon can be a struggle to print on is because of a reaction known as dye migration. Dye migration is basically just as it sounds; small dye particles moving from one place (fabric) to another (ink). It will then try to escape the garment and can get stuck in the ink that is applied on the garment. It will slowly permeate through and can discolor the ink slightly or completely depending on the garment itself as well as the print process. Dye migration may appear hour or weeks after the ink has cured. We combat this by using special Polyester inks and bleed blockers. We fight this issue, but occasionally there is a chance for some bleeding depending on the garment. Iron Street Printing cannot control dye migration and the customer must accept the risk of dye migration when printing polyester, polyester blends and nylon goods.


Iron Street Printing is not liable for the use of Trademarked or Licensed Images, and customer assumes full responsibility for the use there of.


All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery. Please email to submit your claim. In the case of an error, 100% of items must be returned to Iron Street Printing or the reprint will not be allowed.

Iron Street Printing has the right to change prices and terms and conditions without notice.

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